The new Lely Luna offers maximum comfort for cows

After selling the Lely Luna for more than 10 years and gathering experience gained in the field, Lely is now introducing a new version to the market. The Lely Luna rotating cow brush is developed to groom your cows, enabling them to safely get rid of dust and itches whilst increasing the animal welfare.

Increased durability 

By working together with our customers, we have developed a more durable brush. The durability is improved due to a separated electronic box, a new motor and a higher IP rating for a better protection against water and dust. The motor is also equipped with an overrun safety protection. This ensures maximum comfort for the cow and a long lifetime of the brush.

Substantial lower energy consumption

 The new Luna has a more efficient gearbox which results in less power needed for the motor, meaning less heat, less wear & tear and pressure on the bearings. The result is that the new brush is consuming 40% less energy compared to the old Luna.

Clever technology to maximize cow comfort

 Due to its smart design the Lely Luna cow brush is driven by touch and rotates the opposite direction once the cow pushes it. As the brush has two directions of rotation, the bristles will keep their shape longer than those that have only one.

Importance of grooming for healthy cows

Grooming is a cow’s natural behavior. The Luna gives cows healthy and shiny coats and stimulates the blood circulation which results in a quieter and more productive herd. Grooming with a brush also supports increased milk production and better hygiene of animals.

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