Designed to keep your feed accessible and fresh, and your cows moo-ing happily​


Melkens MOOver

MOOver is an advanced and enhanced feeding solution that works fully automated in any barn around the clock. Whether you are elsewhere on the farm or at home resting, the MOOver ensures that every cow regardless of their social hierarchy has access to fresh feed 24/7. This increases the herd’s feed intake and in turn results in greater milk yield.

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Technical Data MOOver
Width (cm) 108
Lenght (cm) 195
Height (cm) 89
Weight (kg) 790
Navigation Magnetic
Battery (Ah) 80
Speed (m/min) 15
Drive Electric Motors
Slope up to 12%
Daily Operation Time 22 Hours
Working Temperature -20°C ~ 55°C
Build-in Concentrate Container, Acoustic Signal

Unbeatable tech-support

Why us? Because you are not alone!

We provide reliable technical support available whenever you need it. Our team is prepared to help you get the most out of this mobile cattle feeding marvel, offering troubleshooting, maintenance tips and expert advice to ensure your cows are cared for to the highest standard with minimal effort on your part. Trust us to keep MOOver running smoothly so you can focus on what matters most.

If our products work well, we work on improvements.

Our technical team is constantly working on improvements to bring you even better, more advanced and efficient solutions. Trust us and you'll experience not only products that perform perfectly, but also innovative improvements that make your experience even more rewarding.

Long-term perspective

Where do you want to be in ten years' time and what choices should we make to achieve this goal together? Our mission is not only to deliver the highest quality products, but also to build lasting relationships with our customers. Your successes are our successes.

Melkens MOOber works great with

Melkens POOmba

POOmba is designed to keep your barn clean throughout the day. It works automatically and is suitable for every type of barn flooring. The key feature of POOmba is that it does not just scrape the manure off your barn floor, it collects it and reloactes it to a discharge point where it stores the collected manure.

Melkens DiaMOOnd

DiaMOOnd – the perfect addition to your dairy farm for ensuring the comfort and well-being of your cows. Our brush is designed to mimic the natural grooming behavior of cows and provide them with a relaxing and enjoyable experience. DiaMOOnd is made of high-quality materials and is built to withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy dairy farm. Its soft bristles effectively remove dirt, debris, and loose hair, while its rotating motion stimulates blood flow and improves skin health.

Why us? Because you are not alone!

Our company offers indispensable technical support, a key advantage. Recognizing that technology can be challenging, we’ve set up a professional technical support team available 24/7 for troubleshooting, advice, and software updates. This reliable support ensures our products function smoothly and demonstrates our commitment to client satisfaction and success.

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