Who We Are

Melkens is a team of young professionals that create robotic solutions in agricultural implementaiton

Our Story

“Our company was born out of a passion for agriculture and technology, with the goal of improving the welfare of cows and making farmers’ work easier. Our first product, a feed pusher, automates the task of pushing feed at the feeders, thus streamlining the feeding process and consequently increasing milk production. Thanks to funding from the European Union, we are developing our technologies and striving to create innovative solutions for cattle farming, always with the aim of improving the quality of life for animals and the efficiency of farmers’ work. Our company is growing and evolving, guided by the mission of creating a better world for both animals and people.”

Let your cows know you care

That’s why we care for every single detail, to provide the best experience not only for our clients but also for the animals. Here’s what we provide:

More Control Over Your Farm

Advanced Solutions

Solutions that save your Expenses

Technical Support

Attractive Prices

Monitoring Your Animal Health

Let your cows know you care

Now that you know us, let us get to know you

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